Group H Day 12- The Finale

Walking up the hill to the site of Boltby Scar on our last official day of 2012’s Summer Field School was rather melancholy really. Where had the time gone? We needed more!!  Eleven days plus our day in the North York Moors Visitor Centre was simply not enough!!!!

 We needed to finish recording the ‘baby barrow trench’ and the weather was particularly conducive to the task. Fortunately however, although Cassie and I had spent until afternoon tea break on Thursday expanding the ’baby barrow trench’ to answer one final question about the extent of Wilmot’s exploration or should I say intrusion into the barrow, we had in fact managed to complete all but one of the context sheets required, had taken a new set of 3D photographs, and with Gigi’s assistance had set up the planning frame and base line and started on the plan drawing.

 On Friday morning we finished the plan drawing, (complete with the extra ring stones we’d exposed as a result of expanding ‘baby barrow’) and then once again with Gigi’s able assistance set up the base line so as to complete our section drawing. Once this task had been accomplished in order to understand the complete process of data recording that Dominic employs, we entered the data from two of our context sheets into the digital records.

 The Grand Finale was a tour around the whole site to all the trenches, (dug by the ‘undugs’  who are now mostly all ‘dugs’), with Dominic who explained to us what had been learned as a result of all our hard work. The tour ended as did our official 2012 Summer Field School with a group photo on the barrow of Boltby Scar.

 Because there are a number of us keen to carry on digging during week 5 the Archaeology Department have generously covered the costs of a mini bus to get us to site on Tues. and Thurs. and on Wed. and Fri. Emma, Will and Alison will be driving their cars.

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