Group H – Wednesday 16 May 2012

The day began in the blue sky, cloudless and clear, for twas Wodens Day fewer people than usual awaited for the bus.  The Harewood house people were having their day off, but alas I did not envy them. Days off are not of much interest when digging is to be done.

The StageCoach journey was of little peculiarity, there were no race horses to be seen and nothing of note happened. However arriving at the site it soon became apparent that today would be most warm. The sun, with few clouds to temper it, bore down with such venom. Twas akin to anything the SunBane or Arrakis could deliver.  The heat was made all the more unbearable by the work to be done in the trench. Yesternmorrow we belived we had reached the natural layer, only to be told after much cleaning had been done, that infact one side of the trench was infill from a collapsed part of the rampart, Hence making it look much the same as the natural. Consequently an amount of mattocking was to be done combinded with a middling degree of shovelling.

But, for all the disappointment of not actually reaching the bottom I was not a rabbit of negative euphoria (not a happy bunny), but rather, I liked the work given.  The rain was missed with great sorrow. ‘When showers betumble the chestnut spikes,  And nestlings fly’.

Finally, after around 2 weeks of digging and recording layers, reaching the bottom was rewarded by the sun taking its leave behind a few clouds, thus causing the temperature to drop somewhat to a more reasonable level. I did like the digging part and hence was a little apprehensive about the recording stage. My fears would have to wait though as before any recording could be commenced a small site tour was given across the wall. And then myself and the other person working in the trench were told to help in the next trench along, cleaning part of it while the people in charge took various photographs and thingys in the trench I was originally working upon.

Alas, after doing my best to clear the other peoples trench, and probably not doing a very good job of it, I was told to find a long list of equipment to enable the drawing of the section. Hence myself and the other person working in the trench spent the next middling amount of time attempting to gather everything that could be needed. Needless to say that soon after all had been gathered and only managing to draw 4 points it was Rosemary (Rosemary and Thyme), time to be leaving and return to York. Thus, for all the heat of the day, it was most enjoyed.

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