Group G blog entry, Day 8, Monday 14th May

 After an unexpectedly long weekend break from digging because of the nasty rain, today’s outlook was pretty positive; The bad weather stayed away although it’s damage could be seen as it had caused the balk of one deep ditch cut to fall in. One trench and a couple of palisade slots were still full of water.

Today’s main tasks were to carry on with what we had been doing before the extra long weekend, which for most of group G include peeling back the layers that fill the ditch cuts and tracing the palisade. Trench AG, the largest trench, is looking pretty impressive as more and more parts of the ditch and palisade are excavated, making the features really stand out clearly. This is the main point of excavating bits along the length of the palisade as it is clearer in some places than others. This trench has turned up quite a few flint finds for anyone with keen enough eyesight. The barrow and the area beyond the wall are still a bit of a mystery but some good stuff has been being found there like the fabled stone ring in the barrow from Wilmott’s excavations and stones from the definite rectangular stone hut thingy beyond the wall.

Everyone’s getting pretty used to digging and everything it entails and knows what to expect, i.e, lots of stones, dirt that should not be referred to as ‘brown mud’, scattered showers and tea breaks with tea but no cups. Shame really that this is the last week. Sod’s law more interesting stuff and the good weather will all come out after we’ve gone.

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