Group F blog entry, 15th May.

Whilst many of group F were digging out palisade slots, I was excavating the far ditch in the AG trench with members from another group. Firstly, we had to remove the bulldozed rampart. This brought us to a layer of peat, which signified we had reached the 60s turf line and everything from that point was undisturbed archaeology (however no finds as of yet!).
    The initial idea was to clean the peat layer to be photographed, but unfortunately, some of us dug too far and we ended up exposing the layer beneath. This meant we had to remove the entire peat layer in order to prepare the next part for photographing, which we just about achieved by the end of the day.
     Cleaning the ditch was frustrating, as after cleaning the bottom of the ditch, we noticed the section wasn’t straight and had to trowel the sides all over our clean area. However, it didn’t take long to clear it all out again after assigning some people to bucket emptying duty.
    Despite some minor setbacks, overall it was a productive day of excavation.

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