Group G – 10 May 2012

Blog Entry Group G


On arriving at Boltby Scar, after our Wednesday off, we were told no excavation were to take place because of the heavy rain in the area. Much to our disappointment we learned that the trenches around the site were waterlogged and any work that would have taken place would have been counter productive. Mud may have been trodden onto clean sections and using our trowels would have been very difficult indeed. It was decided that the best course of action was to leave the site alone until it had drained.

Once it has dried we plan to continue our work, and clean any trenches that need attention.


Instead of excavating we travelled to the nearby visitors centre to refine and learn recording skills that will be essential for our work at Boltby in the coming week. Because we have done a lot of digging, there will be a lot of recording to do also! Throughout the day we were taught a variety of skills including section drawing, plan drawing, artefact analysis, filling in records sheets and the use of a theodolite. Some of these archaeological practices we had already read about or even performed, but others were brand new to us.


Despite the rain our day was not at all wasted, we learned a lot and are now all very keen to draw plans and sections diagrams next week on site.

I’m sure our enthusiasm would have quickly faded had we been allowed to crouch in a trench filled with a foot of water, and I think we now all feel far better prepared to tackle archaeological recording. We are excited to get back on site again and get back to work!

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