Day 6 8/5/12 Group G – Digging Features!

A sunny start to the day as we approached the site meant spirits were high; although the sun didn’t last there was no rain. On site however some of the palisade sections we had started excavating yesterday were filled with water! We all just stood looking at it for a while….. Others accompanied Gigi to do some surveying of the site whilst some of us continued excavating the palisade. Each of us were tasked with 2 metres with spaces in between also of 2 metres, its nature changes throughout each section, with the aim of finding dating evidence to relate the palisade to the ditch. This was difficult at first as no one was confident about finding and following the edges whilst also working around packing stones to leave them in situ, we also had to pay attention to soil colour so that recording could be completed correctly afterwards, describing soil is actually harder than it seems!

Others in Group G were continuing to excavate Willmot’s trench and are gradually going further down so that we can’t see them anymore! They are nearing the bottom of his original trench and are hoping to also follow a patch of burnt material in the hope it has not been disturbed in some areas. Towards the end of the day there was a big difference across trench AG with areas of the palisade looking very good indeed! In some areas we can even see exactly the posts would have been. No dating evidence has been found yet however there is still much more to do. We are all getting more confident with what we are doing, this partly due to Ed saying many times something like “I can see more to come out yet” when we though we were nearly there. I managed to finish my section and clean around it so that a photograph could be taken at the end of the day, drawings will be the task for Thursday. I am indeed very proud of my first excavated feature! It’s hard to believe and a little sad that we are now half way through our Boltby experience.

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