Day 5 – Group G-A Surprising Twist to the Act – More Digging and Cleaning

The fifth day of excavating Boltby Scar brought an extension of the activities from the fourth day; we all were cleaning the surface of the trenches and excavating the ditch originally dug up by last year’s Archaeology Students. In the afternoon the palisade was dug up to reveal its path with walkways in-between. Overall it was a fun and enjoyable experience but most importantly it gave us all a great deal of satisfaction – see what we had un-earth over just a couple of days, and to many people’s surprise, we were all impressed with the stratigraphy we saw from the ditch. Unfortunately it all made us greatly aware of just how much work was left to do – re-emphasising the aches in our bones! The weather started off relatively nice and dry with the on-coming on and off rain and bitter winds in camouflage to annoy us with maximum surprise. It was a day filled with more stories and memories and all await to see where this excavation will lead us!

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