Boltby Scar excavations, Thursday 3/5/12 – group H and J

Another early start at Boltby, and fortunately enough it was much less windy today! Today’s activities mainly consisted of cleaning back in order to better define changes in the soil. By doing so the aim was to more easily identify features previously incorporated into this site; specifically the palisade surrounding the hillfort. Needless to say, there is still a lot of soreness from previous days! But after standing back and being able to see these features stand out from within the earth, all the work put in so far is proving to be successful. Of course, not forgetting Arwin the dog (as mentioned in day 2!) our lovely mascot!

Trowelling and……Yet more trowelling

It has been Day 3 of the excavation and the activities have been pretty much constant trowelling! We started work in the palisade trench and have worked there all day .Our activities included taking back several centimetres of soil and cleaning the trench to remove the modern bulldozer fill from the 1960s and in addition  to clean the surface for photography .Cleaning the trench may have been long and consistent but for those who had worked on the hillside trenches the end of de-turfing was a welcome relief to all. Importantly the rain kindly kept away!

Today really yielded evidence about the use of the site. It was great to finally see the clear soil marks of the Iron Age palisade in the top trench and be able to visibly grasp what the scale of the activity  at the site in the Iron Age. Thanks to this everyone working in the trench to uncovering the feature the day was really worthwhile and we felt that all the (at times repetitive!) trowelling was really helping to widen our understanding of the site. In the afternoon all were even more enthused by a brief talk by Dominic about recent discoveries in the Neolithic Round Barrow and the potential future implications of 3D photography for Archaeological Recording. As ever Arwen the dog had a never-ending appetite for games of fetch when possible!  .We finished the day with a sense of achievement, despite not finding much in the way of finds.

 All in all it has been an interesting day with much to look forward too!

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