Beyond The Wall- with group J

It’s been a long weekend. There have been definite withdrawal symptoms, I missed my trench. This morning the sun aped my mood, all bright and shiny and eager to get the day started. After an empty Bank Holiday commute we got to Boltby Scar and headed back to the work we left on Friday afternoon. For Group J this meant climbing back over the dry stone wall to our various trenches amongst the remaining upstanding monument. Trench 1 (AK) stretches over the rampart, through the ditch and takes in the palisade, probably.  


The morning was spent completing the cleaning so that Dominic could take photos suitable for 3D formatting (fingers firmly crossed that it works!). Most of the group then got stuck in to taking the rampart apart…in an archaeological manner of course. I was tasked with cleaning up the probable palisade so it could have its picture taken before being dug. While I really enjoy the whole cleaning back thing, sticking your actual trowel into an actual feature that may contain proper archaeology is a little scary. I don’t want to break the monument! I did find something that may or may not be a tiny piece of flint….it probably isn’t, but both flint and charcoal have been spotted in the vicinity. Tomorrow I expect an embarrassment of riches, including, but not limited to, jewellery, bones and something ‘ritual’. I also expect the sun to return. It is possible I expect too much, I’ll settle an hour of sunshine and a confirmed palisade…and maybe cake.

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