A pickaxe is a precision instrument…

So Friday and day 4 of our merry little jaunt began, and group J moved back over the wall, away from the main trench, and back to the upstanding sections of the hill fort, where neither plough or the gentle caress of a bulldozer had been before. the majority of the group were tasked with removing the layers of topsoil that had covered the original surface of the rampart and ditch, and to see if the palisade did continue on this side of wall, as it had now been painstakingly uncovered in the main trench. What they did find was a very striking pattern in the peat, caused by the drying out of the clay underneath, which can be only be described as looking like a gigantic pair of fishnet tights. While this alluring pattern was being covered, a smaller section of the group was tasked with solving the mystery of the stony rectangle. After putting blood, sweat and tears into de-turfing the mysterious feature on Tuesday, this small group began to clear away the rubble. 5 hours, and many wheelbarrows filled large stones later, it was becoming increasingly likely that there was no wall to be found hidden away under this rubble, that looks remarkably like the stones the dry stone wall that cuts the site in half is built of. However group J is not to be daunted, and will use their trusty trowels, mattocks and everyone’s favourite scientific instrument, the pickaxe to reveal the secrets of the stony rectangle that is looking more like a sheepfold everyday!

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