Day 2- Group H

What’s the remedy for aching legs? More work!

  After a second day of excavation, one thing is for sure: I’m glad for a break. Tomorrow will be spent whimpering and generally feeling sorry for myself; I swear I woke up this morning to find my muscles complaining pre-emptively for the day ahead. On the bright side, it does feel rewarding to have spent two days actually being productive on site.  Despite the wind and occasional showers, the trench is starting to look pretty exciting. After being informed that we brave souls were to be the first to investigate this part of the barrow and that we might find something fascinating, our efforts were rewarded: a couple of worked flints were bagged and recorded. Well, I say “our” efforts. My job at the time was to clear the backfill from a previous trench, so I was hacking, scraping, and shovelling away merrily, warm and happy in the knowledge that every inch of dirt I removed was another inch of shelter from the driving wind.

            We were told that as we had done such a good job cleaning one section of the trench, our reward was to extend the trench in that direction and do it again. This time, though, our eyes will be peeled and our trowel-senses tingling in the hope that we can find the stone ring promised to us. If not…I guess we’ll do whatever job Dominic tells us to do. I can’t wait. I mean it, I’m having a great time!

            Apparently we’re going to find out about a lot of muscles we didn’t know we had thanks to the pain we’ll be feeling. Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a self-pity muscle, and I plan to be using it a lot over the next three weeks. If you need me, I’ll be lying in bed, trying not to move too much.

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