Day 2 Group G

Boltby Scar Excavations Day Two

So day two of the excavation and everyone was starting to feel the beginning of back pain and leg pain from working very hard on the first day. We spent the morning and part of the afternoon carrying on from yesterday’s work of cleaning the sections of the trench. Once this had been completed we started to trowel back in the trench to get rid of the loose soil so that the features could be seen more clearly. After we had done this the palisaded enclosure and ditch became clearer. Unfortunately for us today the weather took a turn for the worse and it was cold, windy and it rained, which meant that everyone had to put their extremely flattering wet weather gear on. But everyone was still enthusiastic and was kept entertained by the dog Arwin who unfortunately I don’t have a picture of because she wouldn’t stay still for long enough! The valuable skill of learning how to not let your bucket fly away today was learnt and everyone was becoming mattocking, trowelling and shovelling pros!

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