The undug……..2

Day one: Boltby Scar- Group G

No one knew expect with regards to the site of Boltby Scar, we had been told relatively little about the site itself, and after we arrived in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere and trekked to a site that looked like a dodgy field, we were not any the wiser. After being introduced to the site we were set to work tidying up and digging out the trenches. This sounded like a dull task, and I think it is safe to say that we were all pleasantly surprised. We spent the day with our mattocks, shovels and trowels reshaping the haphazard holes in the ground; everyone was able to enjoy some laughs whilst they tidied up the sections, only being interrupted to throw the occasional worm out of the way or scream because they had found a flint or a piece of Neolithic pottery. We all left for home aching, muddy (and for an unfortunate few sunburnt), but also excited to start our next day of excavation.

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