Group L – Day 13

Injuries- Zero Portaloos- a death-trap for flies!

One day left and the site is coming together, tension is high, breeding insanity in some cases. James was caught describing an epic battle which “most definitely did not cause the charcoal deposits in AD” …”but if it did”… and Gigi was overheard speculating about spurious correlations with astronomical phenomena, the cause of this sudden disregard for all things
rational is evident- Mass hysteria as a result of uncertainty about the future! No one knows what might happen if we fail to achieve our goal, perhaps the world will crumble away from beneath our feet, perhaps tiny flinty sharp stuff will extricate itself from the ground and systematically pick us off one by one, Perhaps we will all be eaten by Taryk the mole, or perhaps Professor D.P will lure us into the tool shed where he will keep us, only being allowed to leave for short periods, which must be at least 90 per cent concerned with planning, and subsisting on a diet of wardrobes and gin! Whatever the consequence may be for non-fulfilment of the task in hand it is certainly not good, we therefore have 24 hours to put plans in place to go thoroughly Jack Bower on the scar and have everything achieved in time (albeit with a somewhat reduced body count one would hope!) This is not an unrealistic plan…. The question is will it be achieved- did they complete the task, or did they all meet their demise in an otherwise completely impossible manner? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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