Group L – Day 12

Injuries- zero Portaloos- Better if we don’t mention those!

The wind was high as were the spirits, toiling and striving through the soaking and boggy earth the young excavators battled. With just three days to go it was imperative to do well, and well they did! Happily being charted up as one of the most productive days so far this, the twelfth day of their fourteen day endeavour contained everything a good excavation needs- thrills, drama and a trip back to the drawing board! Today our stories protagonists collectively found a cache of fine ming porcelain (or
a collection of broken iron age pottery), a new use for the previously problematic gully (which now appears to have contained a revetment) Posed for aerial photography (or a mad dash to look busy having been caught mid tea-break) and discovered a mighty fortification (or finally located good evidence for the rampart, in the form of sheer unadulterated grey!) Success and praise abound the now exhausted trekkers no longer have lives outside
of boltby, in a weird twilight zone twist, the only words which pass betwixt their lips are those pertaining to soil quality, and “recognising things”. it has taken 12 days but it is safe to say our once blank sheets are now printed with the tale of archaeology!

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