Day 12 – Group M

The day began back at the post holes with Lisa beginning trowelling the potential post hole in the middle of the possible gateway structure, while I completed trowelling the shallowest post hole. Unfortunately, our post hole team was one person down, as Tess couldn’t join us because she was unwell. Once I finished cleaning out the post hole, Taryk (who had been completing section drawings of the post holes) and I planned the position of the post hole I’d finished earlier that day. Following this, Becky (supervisor) showed me how to fill in a context sheet, which I completed two of: one for the fill and one for the cut.

During the first tea break of the day, Dominic flew over in order to get some aerial photographs of the site. We all had to quickly run back into the trenches to grab the tools and buckets and get them out of the way before the plane flew over again. Then some shots were taken with everyone back in the trenches, digging away.

Everyone had their own personal tasks of what needed to be done in different sections of trench AD, however Freddy and Ed were still mattocking away at their ditch from day 5, slowly getting deeper down so that all we could see was the tops of their heads.

The most exciting find was found over in the rampart by Ed (supervisor) : an ARROW HEAD! Even if it was quite tiny.

Over by the post holes, Lisa was still trowelling away, Taryk was writing context sheets and I was allowed to use the PDA to record the remaining post holes. Once these had all been recorded, Taryk was shown how to record the location of the post holes with the GPS and I wrote up the notes for the Master recording (linked to the plans and sections (Master 51)). Although it was fun to be able to include information that was based on opinion, such as the gulley that Tess, Lisa and I may have been a part of a drainage system, at times the PDA was slightly annoying. This was especially the case when I wanted to add to the notes but to get to the bottom I had to make sure the cursor hit every other line, and was in fact quite time consuming towards the end of the day.

Before we left Boltby, Dominic spoke to us about the rampart and the discovery that the turf actually goes under the ‘natural’ layer. This of course is not possible, and therefore it is believed that turf may have been taken from the ditches and placed upside down on top of the existing turf (where the rampart is). It has been a lucky chance that the bulldozer did not fully demolish the rampart, and this area is now a key focus for the next couple of days.

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