Day 11- Group M


By now, we were used to the routine of wandering up the hill and gathering our tools for the day ahead. By this point in the excavation, group M are scattered all over the trench working on many different areas of interest. There were those working on the postholes in the ‘entrance’ area of the fort (Katie, Lisa, Taryk), while the rest of us worked in the opposite end of trench AD, either continuing to dig the lovely ditch (Guro, Navid, Freddie), or painstakingly digging down behind the rampart (Richard, Henry, Martin and myself). The exciting discovery of a large quantity of pottery had led to work slowing even more in places, but the quality of the pot made it worthwhile. Meanwhile, myself and Max (group L) worked on drawing plans and sections of the unusual feature found behind the rampart, which looked beautiful by the end!

Afterwards, there was lots of context sheets to be filled in, and when that was finally over, back to trowelling, this time on top of the rampart. A very productive day, despite the biting cold, powerful wind and the constant threat of rain!

Area of the rampart we began trowelling
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