Day 11 – Group L

A darkened sky ominously loomed over the bus as the Boltby explorers made their final approach today. Intermittent showers had dampened their spirits throughout the journey, but this was nothing in comparison with what awaited them on site! A deathly downpour on the Sabbath had turned miss Lodge’s pride and joy into a well trowelled pool, one which it can only be assumed was too tempting for the geese to refuse. As she gazed into her once beautiful ditch it was hard not to be affected by her air of utter despair! Gales abound and a chill in the air it was a bleak start for the excavators, and with the end of their time there looming, there was a definite feeling of sadness throughout. As always however, they refused to allow meteorological conditions to hamper their progress! With the deadline pressing, the day seemed to fly by. Ne’er a moment was wasted for these busy bloggers as plans were plotted, machinery manipulated, shovels shoved and samples…. Well, erm, sampled! As the all to short time drew to an end miss Lodge emerged valiant from the ditch, water evacuated and goose goo removed the work had been completed with efficiency and finess! Ending the day as another Boltby success Fun on the fort: A students eye view Brought to you today by Maxamilian O’keeffe

Boltby Scar! Flints! Pottery! Uncertain Doom!

Yes it’s time once again for the return to Boltby Scar! After a long weekend of being horizontal and doing very little, I’m back to Boltby to be verticle and actually do something, though perhaps some crouching or sitting may also be involved. But before we start with the archaeology, a word about Dominic, the man with the plan. Last time, he ruined my nice clean section. This time, he’s been stealing my bit. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, he was wearing a hat today (he wore a bright red beret, the kind you find in a second hand store). Outrageous isn’t it?

But enough of this (cheers and applause)! Archaeology happened today, and it needs to be expounded for the good of mankind. And also woman kind. And possibly beetlekind, but we’ll meet that problem when we come to it.

Anyway, my day was mostly spent completing the section drawings for the fourth and fifth sections with Ruby, in what we now think to be an area which supplied material for the embankment wall (it’s behind the wall) and where today Kieran found mucho des pottery, so well done there. When we finished this, we were bundled up and sent to write context sheets for cut

18 and deposits 17, 11 and 10; all the ones related to the section we had just done the drawing of (the drawing which, incidentally, we were made to do twice since it didn’t meet Eds high expectations and standards the first time. There’s no pleasing some people). Jolly good fun all round, expecially when I get to laugh at all the others grubbing around in the mud for a while. Alas, my comeuppance came all too soon and I was pressganged by Ed (who is evil by the way) into excavating part of the embankment wall section to see what’s underneath it with the order to ‘just dig until it changes’. Good, confidence inspiring words there. Overall, a good day had by many, and once again the Lord of Rain was defied by the majesty of Dominic. Let’s just hope that it stays that way.

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