Day 10 – Group L, Injuries- zero Portaloos- No para beber o cocinar!

To many folk it might seem queer

The way things are conducted here!

With buckets, trowels and mattocks too

And better than last year- a portaloo

But Sunny days

And memories form

From this ol place

To which we are borne

PDAs and electric kit

Professor DP is all over it

Every record- its own device

Old-style archaeologists may look twice

But don’t be alarmed say we up here

At Boltby scar we raise the cheer

To progress on with determination

And the helping hand of computerization!

Fun on the fort: A student’s eye view. Brought to you today by Alexandra Martin-Geary Oh what fun we have had! I have been holed up in the same rocky gully for what feels like centuries (careful to avoid the Romans as Ed doesn’t like them!) But finally I can see light at the end of the tunnel…. Or curvilinear feature, whichever you prefer! I have excavated, drawn, filled in context sheets TST’d and my little piece of archaeology is almost complete! Dominic even promised me a treat in the form of excavating the fabled ‘not gully’ which is exciting, or it would have been had he not peered in, said ‘lovely work, let’s have another layer off and see what’s at the bottom eh- should only take a couple of minutes’ aaaaahhhhhhh!

In all honesty though I am really proud of my little piece of the site, I have even started to dream about removing stones to reveal the lost scrolls of Alexandria! Although it is more likely to turn out to be a case of last Tuesday’s bus ticket! Meanwhile in other news, everyone is working really hard. Nat and Guro have been slaving away in the ditch behind me, Ed and Freddie next to them happily mattocking away to the sound of Ed’s show tunes, Supervisor Becky dashing from one place to another answering questions and Eduardo the naughtiest boy in the world making explanations via the media of Kate Bush! Really though I do not believe we can praise the supervisors and other real staff on site enough! The work that is being done at Boltby is amazing and I have learned so much in just a few days without even realizing I was doing it! I think I speak for everyone when I say that, as the confidence now expressed on site is no longer that of rank amateur, but of fledgling archaeologists primed for the future! I might name the gully tomorrow!

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