Day 8 – Group K, by Josh Cole

Arriving on Day 8, it was clear that the rain hadn’t had too much impact on the site, the worst areas would only have to be left for a couple of hours to dry. Anyway this mattered little in the AF, and we all set about our tasks quickly. Dakota, Craig and Ewan who are all now known as ‘Barrow commanders’ (due to their massive 3 day tour in the barrow trench), continued with their work, heading nearer and nearer to the barrows centre! The group who had been digging out the ditch section also continued their work, now getting a bit more used to their laborious task! Sophie and Jonathon were tasked with helping Gigi on the other side of the barrow. Myself and Kim were given the job of drawing plans and profiles of the features we excavated yesterday. This was by far the most interesting thing I’d done since being on site. I drew whilst Kim measured, and we worked steadily though each of the features. The end result looked like this:

Meanwhile the ditch section group were making good progress, with the ditch wall getting smaller and smaller as they peeled back the layers. Over at the barrow, the barrow commanders began to dig out another small cut slightly ahead of the first which would then join up with first later. As the mood in the camp was high, i was urged to take a group photo: And I think you can’t help and agree when I say what an exceptionally beautiful group of diggers we are!

At the end of the day, Group K were asked by Dominic to gather on the barrow. We were then given a mini history of Dominic’s experience with using hand held computers in archaeology. Apparently we will get the chance to use mobile phones to help record the AF trench on Thursday! After the talk, little remained to do but clean up and pack away the tools. Day 8 was, in my opinion, a brilliant day with loads of banter being thrown around the trench, it brings a tear to my eye when I say that group k is closer than ever!  With Wednesday allocated for ‘sports’, we all await Thursday when hopefully we put down the trowel and pick up the touch screen mobile phone to record the trench. Handling mobile phones is what us 21st century youngsters were made for, so I’m sure recording the AF trench will be as simple as sending a text. C u ltr!

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