Day 7 – Group K, by Josh Cole

We were full of energy after a restful weekend as we made our way up to the site. However, the clear blue sky that was usually present at Boltby was nowhere to be seen today as a dull layer of grey cloud covered the site. As promised by Kirk, myself, Kim and Sophie got the chance to dig out some more features. Craig and Ewan were again place on barrow watch, this time aided by Dakota. The rest were given the huge task of removing another large section of the ditch at the end of the AF trench, peeling the material back layer by layer – it was not an enviable job! My small group now aided by Jonathon had around 3 different and unknown features to dig out, all in half sections.

This is how they looked:

Meanwhile at the barrow, Dakota, Ewan and Craig were again making the sizable hole into the barrow even more sizable, with large amounts of earth being moved. It was revealed that the exact spot were their cut was placed, matched nearly perfectly the spot were Wilmot (who had excavated the site in the 30’s) had placed his trench. Over by the ditch section, the removal of the side of the ditch was revealing a large amount of peat. The section now looked lovely, but the group digging it out were not looking quite as clean as they had been when they started!

After lunch, it was apparent that there would be a large obstacle put in the way of us finishing our work – the weather. A line of black clouds had been gathering on the horizon and were now heading on a bombing run to Boltby Scar

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