Day 5 – Group K, by Josh Cole

Refreshed from our Wednesday ‘Sports’ break, group K trudged up to the AF trench eagerly anticipating what new and exciting tasks Kirk had in store for us. The new and exciting task turned out to be troweling, and we all set about cleaning back (again) our given areas. Anyway this turned out to be more revealing than expected, as a surprisingly large amount of supposed archaeological features were discovered. The most visible of these is the ‘pizza slice’:

Nobody really knows what it actually is, but there are numerous other supposed features in and around it, such as a couple of possible post holes. Anyway, I didn’t actually spend any time on the pizza slice, mine and Sophie’s job was to remove a couple of digger tracks/plough marks. Although not particularly interesting work, we did find a number of flints, in particular a rather tasty thumbnail scraper:   


The day proceeded as such until 4.30 and our departure. The identity of the Pizza slice still remains a mystery, although our all-knowing commander in chief has suggested it could be the result of a natural occurrence called a ‘Gryke’ (possible spelt wrong). Anyway, day 5 was certainly not the most enthralling of our trips to Boltby, but still, a lot of work was accomplished, and the AF trench is starting to look a lot more interesting than it ever has done.  We all look forward to tomorrow, with the possibility of some of us excavating the Barrow!

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