Day 6 – Group K, by Josh Cole

As per usual the sun was out as we made our way up to Boltby Scar. When we arrived, Kirk divided us into 3 groups. The largest group was assigned to ‘remove with deadly force’ the plough marks that had been so lovingly excavated a few days before. Craig and Ewan (Lucky Bastards!) were given the task of extending the part of the AF trench which went into the barrow. And me Sophie and Kim were given the arduous task of cleaning back the area of the Pizza slice to try and reveal more archaeology. At first this didn’t seem too bad, but repeating the process multiple times wasn’t the most fun we’ve ever had! Despite this there a fun atmosphere going round the AF trench, and by lunchtime we were all in a good mood.

Ewan, also known as ‘The Chipping’ with a smug look on his face as he excavates the barrow with Craig, and the majority of the group removing the excavated plough marks.

After lunch, me Kim and Sophie were finally given a chance to dig out our first archaeological feature. The feature was a large dark blob just in front of the pizza slice. We took out a half section of the feature. To our disappointment we hit natural very early on, but still, digging out an archaeological feature on our own felt like the real deal! By the end of the day we all felt reasonably chuffed with ourselves as all the tasks had been pretty much completed. Our feature had been dug out, the plough marks had been removed and Ewan and Craig had made a sizable hole in the barrow! As we packed up for the weekend, Kirk assured us that we would all get the chance to dig out more archaeological features next week.

Anyway a rest on the weekend and the promise of more archaeological features to dig out on Monday all left us in good stead as we boarded the coach back to York.

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