Group L days 7 and 8

Boltby Blog group L day 7 Injuries zero, Portaloos- buzzing! The sun shone, the birds sang and there was merriment in the air, as the young fellows, intent on unlocking the mysteries of the past powered onward and upward to the mountainous peak they know and love! Rain o’er the weekend dampened their spirits as their hard work contained glistening pools of murky water, however new tasks were assigned, Trenches to trowel, plans to plot, and the Queen medley to perfect (always a winner for the raising of spirits!) As the site releases its secrets and its complexity is unravelled, the love the students have for it is actively observable. Pride in abundance and happiness issued from them as they toiled in trenches and worked like whoknowswhat! Comradery is evident betwixt all parties and the cohesion is superb, as the heavens did open towards the end of the day all was needed was a nod or a wink and tools were downed and without even an utterance the place was shipshape and Bristol fashion. Thunderstruck and lightning flashed and ten minutes of downpour later the sun was back. Just in time for a jaunt down the hill and back to sunny York.

Fun on the fort: A

students eye view- Brought to you today by Maximilian O’keeffe Yay Boltby!

Despite hurting knees (which a weekend of rest failed to cure, darn you faulty knees!), nothing can make me sad as another day unfolds at this wonderful place (insert unicorns here). Today I was given the illustrious and important task of clearing the second row of sections along with Kieran (team L rules), Tarky and Henry (team M traitors), removing the darker soil and leaving the whiter soil (though when it was first uncovered, it was a brown colour) and the stones mostly alone.

I was very pleased with myself when I finished cleaning and cleraing my section (admittedly after everyone else, but you can’t have everything) and treated myself to a leg stretch and a bucket clear to celebrate. I came back to my section moments later, only to find a large hole, lots of loose and Dominic holding a trowel in it. If he didn’t look so much like Gandalf I would have been quite annoyed, but I can’t stay mad at him for too long.

I was again set to work in the same section, this time removing the white soil I had spent so long cleaning in order to unearth a darker brown soil with iron deposits (a rusty red colour). Things were going well as the day ended, until the heavens opened and with a flash and a bang we were bombarded with raindrops like bullets and forced to make a disorderly retreat to the mobile cabins (not even the woolly hat Alex had given me could keep me dry).

All in all a good day as usual, though I hope tomorrow does not have such a wet end. Or a wet start. Or a wet middle. Infact, it would be best if it wasn’t wet at all.

Boltby blog group L day 8 Injuries – Zero, Portalloos – Slightly ripe! Well another glorious day dawned and bright and early the intrepid archaeologists assembled at the chariot stop! But alas! As the approach reached an end the skies darkened and wrathful looking clouds loomed on the horizon! Tasks were assigned and with the aid of the valiant volunteers work was set upon at an incomparable pace! (With due diligence of course!) Barrows and buckets galore and many miles of turf mined, and luncheon was announced! Today made all the more exciting as ‘the lady of the finds’

dazzled the crowds with her wares (and remarked upon a rather delightful specimen unearthed by a member of group L that very same day!) Consumption complete and the call to arms (or trowels- but they could be quite dangerous in the wrong hands!) came with orders issued to plot, plan and proceed. As the day grew old moral remained high, the preview of ‘Now that’s what I call digging’ 2011 (thanks Ed and Freddie) special fantastic Disney version was previewed and the day drew to an end with ‘a whole new world’ of interesting questions for our tireless thirty to mull over! As the decent back to reality was made there were few amongst them that looked ahead with relish to a day locked up in lectures, the past must remain the past, until Thursday, when it will once again become our fellows present!

Fun on the Fort: A students eye view- Brought to you today by Kieran Gascoigne Our day started with brilliant words of wisdom from Ed and he spake “Er, same as yesterday”. For me this meant trowling a section of trench AD alongside Max (who was sporting a rather dapper cane today) the same section we’d arrived at from our tea break yesterday to find Dominic trowling away, just as we thought we’d finished. This trowling carried on for much of the day, we even had to clean the ground with trowels as the soil was too wet for brushes. Ed photographed our context and then imparted more words of wisdom “trowel it all again, another few centimetres” this slow, steady removal of the soil is beginning to reveal some deep areas of black soil which will probably,well, hopefully turn out to be interesting features. We also had a visit from an artefact expert who told us that we hadn’t found enough pottery for this to be a permanent settlement though Ben was more interested in the plastic number seven he’d found.

 Apparently Max will be wearing a cape on Thursday.

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