Day 6 – Group L – from Ben!

Day 6 at Boltby Scar started off like any other day, a long weary walk up a hill working out what Kath was saying! It was the end of a hard week where our knees, feet and backs were sore, the entire group seemed to be willing the weekend to come sooner. The bright spark of the day was Max’s choice of stylish headwear, today it was a top hat, Mondays headwear will be anyone’s guess. Having reached the site the group went about their separate ways to continue their jobs from yesterday, for it meant continuing planning with Guru and Alex. As the day before, this job was extremely tedious and time consuming, just as Ed said it would be. This involved checking what we’d already placed, and adding notes to our work.

Once we had checked and double checked our plan, we were each given a rectangular section which we were told to remove the top layer of soil. We had been told that they expected the darker soil to be the latest soil and the lighter greyer soil be earlier. Therefore we were told to take off the darker soil, stopping once we came to a different type of soil; this, unsurprisingly, was much more fun than planning. Mid way through the day Dominic called all of us across to the cremation area to show us the tiniest specks of white. This, as Dominic explained, was tiny specks of cremated bone. This brought a ripple of excitement and interest from the group. After lunch we continued to take off the latest soil and finished by brushing any excess soil off. For Monday we were told we would be taking the next layer off.

Till then we will have to wait to see Max’s latest headwear

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