Group M Day Four

Day 4, Group M

Upon arriving at the site, we began work straight away after being briefed yesterday on what to do. We started revealing the stratigraphy of trench 517 AD by removing the latest date added, which were the bulldozer tracks.

These had been sectioned off into more trenches in order to compare the surface and under the bulldozer tracks. The tracks were removed using trowels; however, the depths under each track varied and so removing them was difficult as the layer underneath was sometimes difficult to see. This was made even more difficult as the ground was difficult to trowel and occasionally the two surfaces would be similar in colour.

Nevertheless, we were able to remove the tracks to show the sandy layers underneath. Once more, we brushed the excess dust away from the trenches to show the contrasts between the surface of the main trench and the trenches created today. Unlike previously thought, the bulldozer marks went several centimetres down, rather than the few centimetres that were supposed. Similar to other days, flints, including scrapers were found as well as a lot of calcite.

By the end of the day, all of the bulldozer tracks were removed showing deep stratigraphy which contrasted greatly to other surfaces. On top of all this work, the last edge of trench 517AD was straightened creating a finalised trench.

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