Fun on the fort- a student’s eye view: Brought to you today by Tess Margetts

Day 4 at Boltby Scar and my knees are looking forward to their Wednesday off, though of course according to our on-site excavation pros, they shouldn’t even touch the ground! (Trouble is if my knees don’t touch the ground my feet do and they don’t like it either!) But sore body parts aside it was a pleasure to be digging today: We left cleaning behind us and started excavating the bulldozer tracks in Anno Domini (That’s trench AD to the rest of you.) (As an aside: I’m loving the names of the trenches: AD and AE. In my head I’m thinking Anno Domini and a four hour wait with a broken collar bone in A and E!) But back to the dig – I was working alongside Nat on the DEEPEST dozer track ever! Even the great DP was surprised how deep it was! The poor archaeology didn’t stand a chance.

Being so deep it took quite a while to scrape all the peat and clay out but we got there in the end and moved sideways to another dozer track about four inches from the last one; whoever was driving the dozer really did have something against soil. In the second dozer track I made the mistake of brushing the soil while it was still damp: this is a BAD idea and the reason for Siriol’s enmity with the brush. All the soils mix together and you can’t see the patterns clearly, so I had to clean the top again with the trowel, which only took a moment and it looked much better for it after. I won’t make that mistake again (Though no doubt I will make some other ones!) Quite a lot of the dozer tracks had been excavated by the time we’d finished so fingers crossed we’ll finish them on Thursday? And then……. onwards and downwards!

 See you Thursday Boltby,  Tess X

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