Day four – injuries minor (Ruby’s cut finger!), portaloos fair!

Our young fellows had a more lethargic start this morning. Trudging up the once idyllic hill to the scar was not quite what it used to be! Fine weather and low wind aside, the wear and tear of real archaeology was beginning to take its toll! Never the less the party resolved to face the job head on- the job being the removal of bulldozer tread marks! It is safe to say that every one of the team (not least of all Professor DP) was astounded by the wounds inflicted upon the fair fort by the beastly bulldozer. What was expected to descend mere millimetres into the ground, upon excavation revealed treads that plunged miles, kilometres, and leagues even! Into the earth’s crust! But never fear! The trusty troupe gave those terrible treads what for, and trowels in hand eradicated them from the face of the planet (or site on a smaller scale!) By the time afternoon tea was announced, the unit of undergraduates had earned a positive vat of it (and a nice sit down!) Although slower to stand, and return to their enterprise than on previous days, a final push was made and by goodness it was worth it! At four thirty tools were downed and the site vacated, and as the tired and achy archaeologists made their way valiantly home. Any who would have cared to look would have seen a deserted site, perhaps happier (if a site can feel) sans the scars it once wore!

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