Day two: Group L – – injuries zero, portaloos good!

Once again our intrepid undergraduates, prepared for whatever may face them set out on their journey to the ‘field of dreams’. The sun was shining once more as they processed up the hill, the crops merely swaying in the breeze.

For a second time enthusiasm greeted them as they rounded the corner at the summit of the hill, the site spread wide before them beckoning to them to continue their endeavours. So where they ceased action the previous eve the plucky archaeologists resumed, to sweep perchance to dream. Alas the dreams of success were shattered when a cruel April shower put an end to the activity.

Not to be thwarted so easily however the brushes were swapped for trowels and the cleaning resumed. Approaching the last third of the area, and the marks indicating a once proud roundbarrow the young searchers began to exclaim! ‘I have one’ they said, and ‘Huzzah’ they hollered as one by one signs of life began to emerge from that desolate hillside! Many flints later, and luncheon was announced, the trench fully trowelled and edges mostly trimmed, the end was in sight and hopes were high for completion prior to the weekend! As they supped on hot tea and dined on royal wedding cupcakes (provided by the delightful Alfreda) they gazed at the beautifully defined lines before them, which had been so well highlighted by that morning’s shower. Lunch over and Professor DP having highlighted what lay before (and indeed ahead) of them, the final leg of the cleaning process was embarked upon. Sweeping brushes in hand and teams on the barrows, a final push was made, and by 4.30 with aching limbs and creaking joints the “haventdugs” were able to view the product of two days hard toil. The area trench cleaned, and a second well on its way, all that remained was to head back down the rolling hill to return home for a restful weekend ahead of the next phase of uncovering Boltby’s secrets.

Fun on the fort- a students eye view: Brought to you today by Natalie Lodge

Day two of the excavations at Boltby scar was by far the best day of my life so far. I was filled with pride every time I spotted a piece of flint.  Whether it is the 3 pieces I found within 10 minutes of each other or the beautiful white three face flint I found in the plough soil. Whilst the pain of kneeling can be unbearable at times, the look of enjoyment on each person’s face is fantastic. The weather was perfect today the April shower earlier this morning really helped in highlighting the ditch, it was amusing to see everyone decide to put on their waterproofs at exactly the right moment before getting drenched. The view from the cliff is spectacular and really highlights why this site would have been a good Hill fort site although I think Dominic would like me to mention that this site could be anything.

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