Day 1 Group M

After arriving on site for the first time, we were shown around and told the history of the area, including the previous excavations. The first day was all about one thing: cleaning. The trenches were there, but they were a mess. So Group M got to work on the farthest side of the trench, next to the spoil heap; working on the end of the two ditches that surrounded the entrance, and the entrance itself. The morning consisted of using trowels to scrape off the loose soil and rock and dispose of it on the heap.

After lunch, the trowels were put to one side and the brushing began, removing any excess dust and dirt that was left.

By the end of the day, around half the trench had been thoroughly cleaned and the soil marks of the ditch were clearly visible.

The trench at lunch



The trench at the end of the day

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